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Easy Opening - Laser applications in the packing industry

Easy Opening packaging Easy-tear Packaging.
Easy Opening praline MLT-Laser Shaping.
Scribing puch bag for easy opening Easy-Opening Solution
Open Reseal packaging Easy-Open & Reseal

The packaging industry uses MLT laser systems for targeted microweakening of packaging materials.

The MLT laser process is ideally suited to producing precisely-defined material weakening as an aid to opening packaging, as extremely fine structures in the hundredth of a millimetre range can be produced - with the utmost precision, repeatable accuracy and contactless. As a rule, only part of the layer of a laminate is subject to laser processing, so the physical characteristics of the other layers remain the same; for example, aroma preservation and water-vapour tightness are unaffected.

This precision laser process results in very innovative and permanent opening solutions, allowing the consumer to open packaging far more easily by hand, which often leads to higher consumer acceptance of the product.

MLT systems are used for dairy products, stand-up pouches, cereals, coffee products, pet food and also washing and cleaning products, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

Further details on the individual laser scribing systems can also be found here (Products/Laser Scribing). We will be pleased to answer your questions in person, and advise you about your application.

Typical MLT laser system applications in the field of easy package opening:

  • Easy Opening and MLT-Laser Shaping: Shapes are scored on both sides of the packaging, so a combination of EasyOpening and contour shaping of the materials takes place in the packaging process. This solution is often used for high-value products.
  • Laser scribing of material webs: A very fast application with high productivity, in which one or more laser scribing marks are made in the web direction.
  • MLT free-form laser scribing: The MLT laser scanning solution allows virtually any contours to be scribed in the material while it is moving. The applications are particularly diverse and open up almost boundless possibilities for the packaging designer for new applications and customer solutions.
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