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Paper Laser Cutting - Machines for Flexible Applications

A laser system enables numerous new value-adding applications in the paper, packaging and printing industries. Unlike punching or mechanical cutting machines, laser cutting is contactless and therefore wear-free. A machine for laser cutting saves tool costs and at the same time increases flexibility. This is because all desired cutting geometries can be easily executed with the laser by means of software. Added to this is the high precision with clean cutting edges, with which even the most filigree cutting patterns can be implemented.

Laser cutting paper - in the packaging industry

MLT Mico Laser Tech has special skills and experience in the packaging industry for paper and cardboard packaging, as well as for banknotes and other security papers.

Laser cutting of viewing windows

In the case of packaging materials made of paper, cardboard or paperboard packaging, for example, viewing windows are cut by laser and then sealed with a transparent plastic film. This provides customers with attractive packaging that showcases the product. Since the laser process can be flexibly adjusted, there is maximum freedom in the geometric design of these viewing windows. The use of laser cutting of paper is also impressive in terms of cost-effectiveness, as very high processing speeds and thus high productivity are achieved.

Laser cutting of banknotes and certificates

Another application is the high-precision laser cutting of viewing windows and other geometric shapes in banknotes and certificates. This enables security features such as the viewing window in banknotes to be implemented in further work processes and significantly increases counterfeit protection.

Laser cutting in the printing industry

Paper laser cutting is also used in the printing industry, for example to perforate or cut large print sheets at high speed.


Laser cutting of paper, cardboard, paperboard and special papers.

It is thus a highly flexible process that can furthermore be combined at will with other laser applications such as laser perforation.

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