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Laser cutting films - machines for fast, flexible cutting

Whether plastic films made of PET, polyester, polycarbonate, polyamide - laser cutting is the optimum process for extremely fast and wear-free cutting. The geometry of the cuts can be easily adapted by the machine software. Tooling costs as with conventional cutting processes using knives or punches are eliminated.

In addition, film laser cutting avoids mechanical damage to sensitive surfaces through non-contact processing and ensures outstandingly sealed cut edges. It is characterized by its high cost-effectiveness and performance. For example, multilayer films with different film layers such as cover film, carrier film and adhesive film can be laser cut in a single process step.

The complement to laser cutting: Laser scribing

Laser scribing allows predetermined breaking points to be introduced into films or other packaging materials at defined depths. This enables optimized tear-open solutions (easy-opening applications) for product packaging, for example. Learn more about this here.

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