MLT Micro Laser Technology
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Laser cutting metal – for aluminium, steel, copper and much more.

Metals such as copper, steel, and aluminium can be perfectly cut by laser - especially in moving processes from roll to roll, the process offers excellent precision, productivity and cost efficiency.

Cutting metal with lasers - substantial contribution to electrification

For the climate-friendly energy and mobility transformation with high-performance storage batteries for solar energy as well as rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles, the demand for machines for laser cutting of very thin aluminium foils and copper foils in particular is increasing. Both foil materials are elementary for the production of modern battery technologies.

Laser cutting of copper and aluminium foils

The wear-free process of laser cutting of metals is characterized by high process speed combined with consistently high precision with clean cut edges. Since the cutting patterns can be freely adjusted, flexible laser cutting saves tool costs and set-up times compared to mechanical processes. MLT specializes in the demanding applications of copper and aluminium laser cutting of web material, which require the highest process know-how, and also offers holistic solutions for industrial laser processing with laser perforation and laser scribing.

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