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Laser marking and laser engraving - customized machine solutions

Laser marking is a process used in a wide variety of industries for marking, applying serial numbers and anti-counterfeiting of products. Our laser machines or laser modules are available as integrated solutions or as stand-alone systems. A wide range of laser types and laser modules can be used for laser marking.

Application areas laser marking

Lasermarking foil material MLT Laser Multimarking - for various width of the Webmaterial

Typical applications in laser marking and laser engraving are permanent marking and coding (serialization using 2D and 3D barcodes) on products, packaging and components. These include:

  • Barcodes
  • QR codes
  • data matrix codes
  • serial numbers
  • logos
  • Symbols/Icons
  • warnings
  • graphics
  • texts
  • scales
Laser Coding safety film

Materials laser marking / laser engraving

According to our experience and parameters for laser marking, the most diverse materials can be marked with the laser. The spectrum ranges from copper foils, adhesive foils, fuel filters to plastics, films, ceramic components or pouches in the packaging sector.

Laser marking contract work or contract manufacturing

For test purposes, prototypes and small series, we also carry out laser marking for customers as a job order in our modern laser laboratory. Likewise laser marking and engraving on special materials.

Advantages of laser marking

  • No inks or other chemical components are needed, so there are no consumable costs.
  • The finest marking structures can be applied, including bar codes and 2D/3D matrix codes.
  • Very high flexibility in the marking process due to simple software control.
  • Very high process speeds can be achieved.
  • A durable and permanent marking method. This is an important requirement for reliable protection, especially in plagiarism protection.
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