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Smart cards, also known as chip cards or integrated circuit cards (ICC), are in use all over the world for a wide variety of applications: for example as credit cards, EC cards, health insurance fund cards, and as SIM cards in mobile phones or pay TV sets. The chip cards usually consist of several layers of different materials and often include an area for electrical contacts and/or magnetic strips. PVC, polyester (PE) and polycarbonate (PC) are all typical card materials that can be processed very well with lasers. Recently, recycled plastics such as polylactide (PLA) have also been used in chip card production and cut using laser technology.

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Areas of application of MLT laser technologies in smart card production:

  • Marking and safety coding of e.g. forgery-proof features on the plastic surfaces.
  • Laser cutting as a contactless high-precision manufacturing solution with high production rates.
  • Laser processing of all kinds of shapes and structures in various layers, for example for manufacturing partial cut-outs in electronics components.
  • Laser scribing and laser structuring of almost all conceivable shapes in the card material.
  • Design and delivery of laser processing modules or complete solutions, including automatic card feeders.
  • Setting up and executing small series on a contract basis, e.g. for market research and preliminary tests.

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