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Laser systems for the glass industry

Laser system on a production plant

The glass industry uses MLT laser systems for a wide variety of applications.

The requirements in this industry are very high, as the production lines are in use all year round and the highest level of reliability is required.

This is exactly where laser technology can show its strengths:

  • Very efficient laser sources for many different types of glass.
  • Special design for the toughest operating conditions at high temperatures.
  • Stable process in three-shift operation.

These are some application examples:

Ampoule production with laser system
  • Cutting glass tubes
  • Cutting ampoules / cartridges
  • Scribing ampoules / cartridges
  • Labeling of glass

The so-called laser sublimation cutting of e.g. semi-finished pipe products results in rounded and very smooth cutting edges, which are very favorable for the further processing process. In contrast to mechanical scoring or blasting processes, glass splinters in particular are avoided, which must absolutely be eliminated, especially in applications in the pharmaceutical industry.

Blasting off glass with laser

This process is also known as "thermo-shocking" and is used in the manufacture of drinking glasses.
Through targeted, very local heating with laser energy along a line and subsequent short cooling with compressed air or a water-air mixture, the glass breaks very precisely. With this method, microcracks are avoided or at least greatly reduced.
Another advantage of this method is the significantly lower cost of post-processing steps, such as regrinding or polishing.

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