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Automatic monitoring of laser perforation of cigarette tipping paper


ML-OPDIII during measurement operation ML-OPDIII during measurement operation

Scope of application

An essential property of cigarette paper is the so-called porosity, this is the air permeability through the paper. This porosity is expressed in Coresta Units (CU value) and can be measured using special measuring technology. Today, porosities between 100 and 3000 CU are usually used for ventilated "light" products.

For our laser systems MLP10 and MLP50 we supply our system ML-OPDIII (Online Porosity Detection Generation III); a hardware solution for automatic perforation monitoring.

The technology

  • System for monitoring the perforation of cigarette paper
  • Optimised for our systems MLP10, MLP50, MLP50-Twin
  • Extra powerful camera detection to capture stable data at high speeds.
  • Usable for all typical production speeds, up to 400m/min LiveView of the operator, for fast set-up processes for new products
  • Automatic quality report, on demand for each individual bobbin.
  • Our ML-OPDIII is available for new systems, but can also be retrofitted to existing machines.
For further technical details or a concrete offer, please send us a short message.

Your advantages

  • Optimization of work processes
  • Reduction of the effort for visual and manual inspection tasks
  • Avoidance of production downtimes due to operating errors
  • Simplification of setting work on the system
  • Increase in productivity and product quality
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
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