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MLT Laser scribing systems

Whether instant coffee or soup in a bag – with the laser scribing method, bags and other plastic packaging is scribed at exactly the intended place.

The deliberate weakening of the material is designed to make opening the package easier.

Our laser scoring system can be integrated in either the finishing process or the packing plant (inline).

Overview of all MLT

Laser scoring system for packaging film


Laser scoring system for refining packaging materials during converting, i.e. when wrapping or cutting the film.

laser system for flexible packaging


Our MLT laser system for a wide variety of applications in film conversion and the packaging industries. In principle an "all in one" MLPerf and MLScribe combination system.

Pouch laser module


Our MLT laser modules for integration in bag machines.

MLLabel Laser scoring systems


Laser scoring systems for integration in printing machines and systems that produce labels and stickers.

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