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Laser contract work

Are you looking for ways of laser processing your material so that you can develop new product ideas for your customers? Are you looking initially to continue developing your manufacturing processes and need laser-processed material, or do you only have a very small quantity to be processed? Have you decided on a new MLT machine and would like to bridge the time until delivery by putting work out to contract?

MLT Micro Laser Technology GmbH offers contract laser processing for small batches and the development of corresponding laser processes specifically to meet all these requirements. Our customers appreciate our many years of expertise and experience, gathered from applications for a wide spectrum of different industries.

We typically offer offer our customers web materials such as:

  • non-laminated foils such as PET, PE, PLA, OPP, PA
  • composite foils such as PET/PE, PET/Alu/PE, and PET/paper/Alu/PE
  • kraft paper
  • cigarette filter tip paper
  • smart cards
  • special materials from research and development

Alongside this we also offer laser processing and consultancy for the latest product developments of our customers, which often appear on the market in the form of new patents and innovations.

We will be pleased to advise you of these opportunities.

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