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Laser material processing & process development

For many years, our product focus has been on laser perforating, laser scribing, laser marking and laser cutting.

You would like to realise new applications on your existing laser system? We develop new applications for you, with which you can fulfil special customer requirements, work more efficiently or specifically increase your added value. Whether you want to implement an innovative idea or have requirements for which standard functions and existing technical methods are not sufficient - we will find an individual solution together with you.

Laser material processing & process development

Some application examples from daily practice:

  • Laser cutting of paper and cardboard: We test your materials and cutting contours with regard to feasibility and create initial samples for you. Areas of application are, for example, the production of cardboard packaging and packaging with viewing windows ("window paper").
  • Laser perforation of mono films and composite films: Together with our customers from the packaging industry or converters (manufacturers of packaging materials), we optimise the quality and production speed of laser perforation and are often required to produce hole sizes in the range of 100µm and below; this with stable and reproducible industrial laser processes.
  • Laser scribing: We create initial samples for our customers for packaging films that are easy to open ("Easy Opening") - likewise, laser scribing is now often used in industrial environments to create predetermined breaking points.
  • Laser marking: Using UV or fibre lasers, we can test a wide variety of materials for the technical possibility of marking; here, too, high process speeds and high legibility of the marking are usually required.
  • Industrial cutting applications: Whether abrasives (abrasive materials), car air filters, adhesive tapes or even floor coverings - we test the feasibility for our customers and jointly examine the possibilities of integration into existing systems; CO2 lasers are usually used here.

We are also happy to develop or optimise your laser process with you. Take advantage of our many years of experience and solution competence from a single source.
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