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Banknote with Lasercut Window. Safety Window in a Banknote
MLT Laser Application for Safety Application on Foilmaterial. Laser made Safety Feature

Counterfeiting is a challenge all over the world. New and improved safety features to protect against counterfeiting are constantly being developed worldwide to protect high-value products, above all medicines, documents and banknotes.

Laser technology is ideally suited for cutting ultra-fine structures and shapes, adding perforations or removing very fine layers at defined places. The freedom of choice of the laser source, for example CO2, Nd YAG, DPSS or fibre laser, opens up a broad range of uses for applications against counterfeiting.

Our many years of experience in large numbers of other product areas gives us a particular advantage with laser material processing for customer-specific safety features. Banknote papers, security films, and all kinds of other materials can be processed on-the-fly, in other words at high speed in the production process. Single machines are also available for laboratory set-ups and development environments.

MLT Laser Safety Coding on special film.
Laser Safety Coding - Safety Paper with numbers.

Your advantages:

  • Marking and safety codes of e.g. forgery-proof reflective films for vehicle number plates and traffic signs.
  • Manufacture of holographic labels for original motor vehicle parts, high-value cosmetics or pharmaceuticals.
  • Laser processing of all kinds of safety features on banknotes, documents and films.
  • Design and delivery of laser modules and complete solutions including all necessary additional components from a single source.

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