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High-end laser perforation of cigarette paper

Laser perforation for Cigarette Tipping Paper
Laser perforation of cigarette mouthpiece paper.

MLT laser perforation systems are used in the tobacco industry for off-line perforation of cigarette filter tipping paper webs.

MLT laser units can be found as the on-line perforation system at a number of different cigarette manufacturers to perforated finished cigarettes directly on the production line.

The aim in each case is the manufacture of cigarettes with reduced tar and nicotine values - previously known as "light" cigarettes.
Laser perforation means that the applicable legal limits of modern filter cigarettes can be met reliably.

MLT laser systems for the tobacco and paper-processing industry are in service all over the world. Our laser perforation systems are customer-specific solutions: maximum productivity together with best-quality perforation, reliable in permanent 3-shift operation as well.

Our micro-laser perforation systems (MLT) are available in a range of different system sizes. All systems operate with our patented MLT PolygTechnology, which allows optimised perforation quality and system stability even at winding speeds up to 750 m/min.

Our customers appreciate our consultancy service and many years of experience in the design, manufacture and world-wide commissioning of the customer-specific overall solutions.

Your advantages:

Laser perforation System Cigarette paper
MLP 50: For perforating multiple bobbins
  • 6 to 32-beam systems.
  • Porosities from 100 to 4,000 coresta units per filter tip.
  • MLT technology tried and tested over many years.
  • References from all over the world from almost all the large and many minor tobacco companies.
  • Competent partner for overall solutions.
  • From design through certification, assembly, training and servicing - everything from a single source.

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Tipping paper, laser Perforated
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Online Laser for cigarette makers
Online Laser Modul for nearly all cigarette makers. Highest perforation speeds are achievable.





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