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The automotive industry and its suppliers have always been a very innovative sector. This is why the first laser applications found their way into this sector at a very early stage, such as the marking of forgery-proof components or cutting applications.

Today, lasers are in general use for welding and cutting car bodies and interior trim. Customized MLT laser systems have also been in use in the automotive industry and its suppliers (Tier 1 and 2) for a long time.
The requirements in this industry are very high: in addition to high technical competence, a very comprehensive service and a high level of consulting competence are an absolute prerequisite for a long-term partnership.

Key advantages of MLT laser systems in the automotive sector:

  • Use of a wide variety of laser sources and wavelengths for many different materials
  • Non-contact processes such as cutting or perforating
  • Individual implementation of customer requirements
  • Highest availability of systems in industrial production
  • Delivery of complete solutions and also modular units.


Here are some application examples:

Labeling applications are widely represented in current automobiles.
Counterfeit protection is an important issue, so the reflective foils of the license plates are also processed with lasers.
The aim is to incorporate a country-specific logo into the foil composite. With a suitable laser source, the reflective layer (aluminum vaporized) can be changed in its properties so that a logo becomes visible. In addition, the reading angle at which the logo becomes visible can be specifically set from 0° to 30°.

Insulation tapes are mounted in alternators for motor vehicles. With the conventional tapes (mechanically perforated), moisture can lead to rust formation. With the laser holes, which are smaller by a factor of 10, this effect is avoided.

Laser-Perforation of interior parts
Leather, wood laminates and similar materials can be perforated by laser. The aim here is to achieve hole sizes that are as invisible as possible to the end user. This property is required for ventilated car seats or other control elements. An additional advantage of holes created by laser is the high level of cleanliness and almost complete freedom from discoloration.

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