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Breathable Packaging for Food

Breathable Packaging for Food

High-Breathable packaging is used to maintain product freshness, extend shelf life, and prevent decay or spoilage in food products. It allows the exchange of gasses and moisture with the environment. Breathable Packaging is a form of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

Laser Perforation to create Breathable Packaging

Laser Perforation is a flexible and effective way to produce porous films to create an atmosphere that allows a controlled exchange of gasses. 

The advantage over the use of non-pourous “breathing” films:

  • Conventional packaging films can be used, so the material costs are significantly lower.
  • Quick and easy adjustments to the perforation, so that the resulting atmosphere can be easily controlled and a wide range of products can be packed with the same film material. That can result in further cost reductions.
  • Can be done in the converting process or inline in you packaging line

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Breathable Packaging has a wide variety of applications in the food industry. The most common use cases are:

  • Fresh Produce: Fruits and vegetables produce gasses and require a balance of humidity to stay fresh. Breathable packaging helps regulate the gas exchange and moisture level, reducing spoilage and retaining freshness.

  • Bakery Products: It prevents condensation from softening bakery items, helping to maintain their texture and freshness.

  • Floral Products: Breathable packaging extends the life of cut flowers and potted plants by allowing ethylene gas, a hormone produced by plants that accelerates ripening and aging, to escape.

  • Pre-prepared Meals: For meals that are packed while still hot, breathable packaging allows steam to escape, preventing moisture accumulation that could lead to sogginess or spoilage.

  • Steam Venting: Many microwaveable packs come with integrated features that allow steam to escape during cooking. This venting prevents the package from bursting due to pressure build-up and helps cook the food evenly. This valve can also be replaced by laser scribing of a specific contour.

MLT Solutions for Breathable and MAP Packaging

MLT offers solutions to create porous films during the converting process as well as inline machines that can be directly integrated in the packaging process. Laser applications allow to combine different process steps like perforating, scoring and laser cutting.

We are specialized in laser processing of moving materials at high speed. Our strength is our very high flexibility. We realize solutions that fit the individual requirements in your production process and offer worldwide integration and service!

Laserperforation mit Rollenschneider


Ideal for film manufacturers, film converters and the food industry, specializing in the laser perforation of film and packaging materials

Laserperforationssystem für Folie


A versatile solution for film converting and refining flexible packaging materials, offering laser perforation, cutting, and scoring of films and paper within one machine.

Laser Perforationssystem für MAP


Optimizes air permeability of packaging films through microperforation for Modified Atmosphere Packaging applications, extending the freshness of perishable items.

Technical Specifications

Each machine can be customized to fit your manufacturing process, meeting a wide range of technical specifications.

Perforating speed Typically 20 to 380m/min (2.100ft./min)
Hole sizes 50µm to 800µm and even larger
Laser Power 30 to 2.000 Watts
Frequency up to several hundred thousand holes/ minute
Footprint Individual Fit
Processing direction Free Form, Web Direction & Cross Web

These are examples, which always depend on the material. We would be happy to test your

material and your application at our premises.


A porous film is characterized by the presence of tiny holes (pores). This is the type of film produced by laser perforation. Non-porous films are breathable without the presence of pores. Therefore their structure and production is a lot more complex than in the case of conventional films.

However, in some cases the use of non-pourous films may be required. Non-pourous films offer a controlled barrier to the environment and prevent the intrusion of liquids, dirt and small insects.

Yes! For some applications non-pourous films may be required. These films can be laser-processed like any conventional film. Technologies like laser cutting or laser scoring may be used for applications like easy open packs or peel and reseal packaging.

Modified atmosphere packaging and breathable packaging are very similar and sometimes used interchangeably. However, while breathable packaging is usually concerned with naturally occurring and product related gasses like air and moisture, in MAP packaging other gasses can be used to create a protective atmosphere to shield the product from highly reactive oxygen molecules.
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