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Cigarette Tipping Paper - Laser Perforation

Cigarette paper perforation for the tobacco industry

Cigarette Tipping Paper Perforating System Cigarette paper perforation system: MLP 50
Cigarette Tipping Paper Miscellaneous Perforated Products.
Perforate Cigarette paper MLT Tipping paper (CTP) perforation: 4-rows.
Laser Tippingpaper Perforation MLT Tipping paper perforation: 2-rows.

MLT laser perforation systems for the tobacco industry

The tobacco industry uses MLT laser perforation systems for the offline and online perforation of cigarettes filter and tipping paper. This allows cigarettes with reduced tar and nicotine values to be produced, which in the past were referred to as "light" cigarettes. The laser perforation allows the applicable statutory limits for modern cigarettes to be reliably observed.

We offer laser system solutions for perforating single bobbins and multiple bobbins.

These allow typical hole speeds between 40,000 holes per second and 1,000,000 holes per second to be achieved. With a single layer, annual volumes of up to approx. 800 tonnes tipping paper, in 3-shift operation can be processed.

We also offer customer-specific laser modules for online perforation in cigarette manufacturing.

Advantages of MLT laser perforation for the tobacco industry:

  • Wide range of laser perforation system solutions corresponding to your productivity requirements.
  • Ventilation of 50 to over 400 Coresta units (CU) is possible.
  • High-precision circular perforations, without hole elongation.
  • Flexible processing of up to 32 perforation tracks on multiple bobbins in one pass.
  • Patented MLT technologies: maximum productivity due to very fast product changes without laser performance losses.

Further details on the individual laser perforation solutions can also be found here (Products/Laser Perforation), and we will also be pleased to answer your questions in person.

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