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Cigarette Tipping Paper - Ventilation Control by Laser Perforation

Cigarette tipping paper, often in cork color or plain white, wraps the filter tip of a cigarette. It's key to bonding the filter rod with the tobacco rod, creating a strong and uniform structure.

The Importance of Perforating Cigarette Tipping Paper

Perforating the tipping paper is an essential step in tobacco production. This is often necessary to comply with industry regulations. With modern laser perforation systems, you gain flexibility in your production process. You can easily adjust patterns and hole sizes through software, without needing different tools. This technology enables the production of cigarettes with reduced tar and nicotine, formerly known as "light" cigarettes. It ensures compliance with current legal limits for modern cigarettes.

You Supplier for Tipping Paper Perforation for the Tobacco Industry

MLT laser systems are popular in the tobacco industry for both offline and online perforation of cigarette filters and tipping paper. They are capable of handling single or multiple bobbins. These systems can create between 40,000 to 1,000,000 holes per second. In a three-shift operation, they can process up to 800 tonnes of tipping paper annually. We also provide custom laser modules for online perforation in cigarette manufacturing.

Advantages of MLT laser perforation for the tobacco industry:

  • Wide range of laser perforation system solutions corresponding to your productivity requirements.
  • Ventilation of 50 to over 4000 Coresta units (CU) is possible.
  • High-precision circular perforations, without hole elongation.
  • Flexible processing of up to 40 perforation tracks on multiple bobbins in one pass.
  • Patented MLT technologies: maximum productivity due to very fast product changes without laser performance losses.

Further details on the individual laser perforation solutions can also be found here , and we will also be pleased to answer your questions in person.

MLT Machines for the Perforation of Cigarettes and Papers



Complete systems for microperforating cigarette paper, suitable for paper manufacturers serving the tobacco industry. Laser power ranges from 200 watts to 8000 watts.



Specialised laser modules for cigarette perforation, mainly used on cigarette making machines, but also compatible with various other machines in the tobacco industry.

​FAQ Perforation of Cigarette Paper

The tipping paper is a crucial component in cigarette design, serving as the wrapping material for the filter tip. It plays a pivotal role in bonding the filter rod to the main body of the cigarette, ensuring structural integrity and the consistency in the smoking experience. Typically, this paper is presented in either a classic cork pattern or a plain white color, catering to different aesthetic preferences. Beyond its functional purpose, the tipping paper also offers a canvas for branding and design elements, allowing manufacturers to differentiate their products in a competitive market.

Laser perforation in tipping paper offers many benefits over traditional methods. It allows precise control of hole size, shape, and pattern through software, with no need for tool changes. This precision is vital for controlling the cigarette's ventilation and filtration. Laser perforation is consistent and requires minimal setup changes. Its contactless nature protects the tipping paper's structure. MLT's advanced laser machines ensure unmatched precision at high speeds, ideal for cigarette tipping paper perforation. This technology's efficiency and precision demonstrate its versatility and advanced capabilities.
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