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Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) - laser perforation for the packaging industry

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Micro-perforation in foils for optimum food packaging.

A difference of 0.1 mm can be the key competitive edge when it comes to food packaging in thermal environments. We create the "perfect" environment for you with our Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) technology:

As a foil manufacturer, you'll benefit from laser based micro perforations in the same way packaging contractors or food producers do. Because perforation affects foil permeability. Once you have this most critical of all parameters under control as a food producer, you'll be able to positively influence food shelf life.

It sounds so simple, and yet it involves being able to use sophisticated laser systems to individually micro perforate foils and provide the perfect quantity of oxygen for the food in the packaging. Too much oxygen causes vegetables & co. to ripen and thus spoil faster, while too little reduces the respiration rate and slow the ageing process. The fruit and vegetables of various plants have different respiration rates. Some respire faster than others. For consumers, this means that some spoil faster than others.

The more targeted the laser microperforation on the foil, the better the packaging can be tailored to a specific food – and a specific shelf life. This depends on factors such as respiration rate, which varies according to the season and – as if that were not complicated enough – is also influenced by the region – even if they're all the same variety of apples, for example.

Individuality and flexibility: As such, two apples grown and stored in different locations may develop in a completely different manner. While one apple will remain fresh and crisp in the right thermal (packaging) environment, the other may end up being a bland piece of fruit that looks more appealing than it tastes. For food producers, this means varying packaging perforation for different markets and regions. The MAP laser technology gives every food the microclimate – consisting of precisely defined oxygen and humidity levels – it needs, whether it's a piece of fruit or a dairy product. Because what may be good for cheese may end up being a compromise for tomatoes – and, depending on the time, indeed a rotten one! With MAP, you can control the temperature gradient between the packaged food and the surrounding environment. And simultaneously influence shelf life. This enables cheese to age well, while also keeping tomatoes and apples fresh. And this incidentally applies not only to tray storage on supermarket shelves, but also to cardboard boxes in the refrigerator. Plus: Optimised foil perforation ensures better aeration for frozen foods – meaning higher quality even over very long periods of time.

Quality and flexibility: As a machine supplier, we develop and design our MLT laser systems so that you, as a foil manufacturer, packaging contractor or food group, can have systems whose hole sizes, when at least 80µm, can be freely scaled for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) down to the finest micrometre. We know exactly what we're doing – and that we're the best at what we do. So we guarantee you robust laser processes and the best imaginable process quality for your production – with high production speeds and fast cycles! The fact that we always achieve optimum perforation quality is also a reflection of us and our technology. Coupled with the notion that hole sizes, frequencies and densities can be freely set and varied. And that you can leave the exact mark you want to on the foil.

This is also aided by the MLT software and hardware, which you can combine according to your own requirements – particularly within a single process. Tailored specifically to your production environment, e.g. the classic food combination of MAP and perforation lasers. And if you want to adjust and enhance the design of your easy-to-open, content-optimised foil packaging at the end, laser scoring will enable you to design your product exactly as you envision it. We look forward to your customised order.

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