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Laser perforation for fresh products

MLFresh Laser System

Laser machine for perforation of fresh products Perforation of your films for fresh products
Laser perforated films - for long freshness Laser perforated films - for long freshness

Scope of application

For packaging machines and packaging lines, we supply our MLFresh laser modules for perforating packaging and packaging materials during the packaging process.

Fruit, vegetables and other fresh products require gas exchange with the ambient air in order to keep for as long as possible.

Using MLT laser systems, small micro-perforations are made in lidding films, trays and similar packaging during the packaging process. These holes can be easily adjusted in size and number using MLT software. The aim is to create a kind of "breathing" packaging - a stable balance of gas exchange between the interior of the packaging and the air in the refrigerated counter is created. This makes it possible to increase the shelf life of the products, in some cases significantly.

Quality and freshness require optimal packaging solutions. With MLT laser systems, your products are not only convincing in the refrigerated counter - the environmental balance can also be improved; ultimately, less spoiled food has to be disposed of.

Our laser perforation modules can be flexibly integrated, regardless of whether you are operating individual packaging machines or aiming for integration into large packaging lines.

Examples of applications for the MLFresh laser modules are:

  • Laser perforation integrated in packaging machines: Fresh food packaging in trays or also tubular bags; for example strawberry, and tomato trays and salad packaging.
  • Laser perforation for packaging cut flowers: Freshly cut flowers such as roses or tulips are often sold as bouquets wrapped in film.

The technology

  • Typical integration: tray packaging machines, form fill and seal machines, film production.
  • Speeds: adapted to the line.
  • Type of laser source: CO2 lasers of various power levels.
  • Number of laser sources per system: 1 to 2.
  • Power of the laser sources: 30 Watt to 200 Watt per source
  • Typical hole sizes: 80µm to 450µm
  • Number of holes per package: Variable and adjustable by software.

Your advantages

  • Innovative laser perforation for "breathing" packaging.
  • Our MLT systems can be individually adapted to your existing packaging machines.
  • Very precise and repeatable laser perforation.
  • We offer system solutions for all typical packaging machines on the market.
  • For large industrial customers we offer OEM solutions - for integration into their own machine concepts.
  • From the development of your laser application, to the conceptual design and manufacture of the laser system, and finally to service in the field - we can provide you with the entire range of services on request.
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