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Laser Perforation: The Modern and Flexible Method
Discover the functionalities and applications of our advanced laser perforation machines, offering dedicated solutions for laser microperforation as well as multifunctional processing, including cutting and scoring. Dive deep into our extensive machine portfolio tailored to meet your needs for fast, flexible, and process-driven production.

High-Speed Flexible Packaging Modules Tailored to Your Needs

Are you looking to enhance production speed, flexibility, and efficiency with customer-oriented solutions? Challenge us! We pride ourselves on being a world leader in providing unparalleled solutions.

With our state-of-the-art equipment, you can achieve perforation speeds of up to several

hundred meters per minute and more than 1,000,000 holes per second on some materials. We aim to accelerate your processes rather than being a bottleneck.

Our machinery, designed to process efficiently, exceeds the capabilities of most competitors. We are devoted to serving you with machines specifically designed to match your processes and standards.

Applications for Laser Perforation Technology

Laser perforation is an optimal alternative to traditional methods due to its precision, high speed, and the elimination of tool costs and changeover times. Explore the applications below where our machines are contributing to success:

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

Maximize the shelf life of fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables, but also cut flowers - achieved through controlled ventilation, by means of laser perforation of the packaging films.

Easy Open Packaging

Enhance consumer experience by implementing flexible and precise laser perforation for various food products and FMCG providers.

Cigarette Tipping Paper

Safe compliance with the legal limits for modern filter cigarettes through the use of laser perforations that prevent excessive absorption of harmful substances.

The laser perforation can be created during the production of tipping paper or directly

during cigarette production in the maker. MLT machines are recognized worldwide in the

tobacco industry for both applications.

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Overview of MLT Laser Perforation Machines

MLT laser perforation machines, recognized globally, excel in delivering customized, high-speed solutions with worldwide service. Our machines can be designed for a multitude of highly individual applications.

Laserperforation mit Rollenschneider


Ideal for film manufacturers, film converters and the food industry, specializing in the laser perforation of film and packaging materials.

Laserperforationssystem für Folie


A versatile solution for film converting and refining flexible packaging materials, offering laser perforation, cutting, and scoring of films and paper within one machine.

Laser Perforationssystem für MAP


Optimizes air permeability of packaging films through microperforation for Modified Atmosphere Packaging applications, extending the freshness of perishable items.

Zigarettenpapier Perforation mit Laser


Complete systems designed for microperforating cigarette paper, catering to paper manufacturers who supply the tobacco industry, with laser powers ranging from 200 watts to 8000 watts.

Laserperforation in der Zigarettenmaschine


Specialized laser modules for the perforation of cigarettes, suitable for various processing machines in the tobacco industry.

What materials can be processed on a laser perforation machine?

Laser perforation can be implemented on a variety of materials. Particularly common are materials such as mono- and composite films (OPP, PE, PE-LD, PET, PP, CPP, EVA, PLA), paper, and kraft paper. Since uniquely high speeds can be achieved, this technology is especially attractive for web and roll materials, which are often processed very quickly.

Plastics, foils, laminates

  • PMMA foil, Acrylic
  • PA, Polyamide
  • PC, Polycarbonate
  • PE, Polyethylene
  • PE/PE Laminate
  • LDPE, Low Density Polyethylen
  • HDPE, High Density Polyethylen
  • PES, Polyester
  • PET, Polyethyleneterephthalate
  • PP, Polypropylene
  • OPP, Orientierte Polypropylen Foil
  • PS, Polystyrol
  • PVC, Polyvinylchlorid
  • Multilayer foils / films

Metals, metal foils, metal composites

  • AL, Aluminium
  • AL, Aluminium foil
  • CU, Copper foil
  • Precious metal general
  • Battery foil
  • Titanium film

Other materials

  • Paper
  • Banknote paper
  • Kraft paper
  • Cigarette (tipping) paper
  • Cardboard
  • Glass
  • Pouch (packaging film)


Technical Specifications

Each machine can be customized to fit your manufacturing process, meeting a wide range of technical specifications.

Perforating speed Typically 10 to 700m/min (2.100ft./min)
Hole sizes 50µm to 800µm and even larger
Laser Power 30 to 4.000 Watts
Frequency up to more than 1.000.000 holes/sec.
Footprint Individual Fit
Processing direction Free Form, Web Direction & Cross Web

These are examples, which always depend on the material. We would be happy to test your material and your application at our premises.

FAQ Laser Perforation Machines

Laser perforation offers numerous advantages over other methods. For example, the perforation, meaning hole size and shape, can easily be adjusted through software parameter changes. Hole position, hole diameter, and the distances from hole-to-hole are maintained precisely and with repeatability. A tool change or even a new tool (e.g. perforation roller) is not required for this. In the food sector, the contactless processing by the laser machine can also be an advantage. Thanks to specially developed beam guides and special laser sources, MLT laser machines achieve absolute precision even at the highest speeds. Are you unsure whether laser perforation is applicable for your use? Ask us - we will advise you without obligation!


Yes! We offer laser machines that are designed to combine different technologies like cutting, scribing and perforation. We also offer machines which are dedicated to laser perforation. Those can be integrated in any process with other laser devices as well as with other traditional tool based applications.

Our great strength is our flexibility and individual adaptation to the needs of your process. Contact us to discuss your requirements!

Yes! We have machines installed all over the world and can provide worldwide service. We have representatives in North America, India, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan and many European countries and can provide service to all other countries directly from our headquarters.

Our customers usually choose for one of the following 3 reasons (or a combination of them) to work with us:
  1. Need for custom laser technology solutions that exactly fit their needs and their processes
  2. High speed applications that no one else can handle
  3. Applications for which laser technology enables an innovative solution

Furthermore we offer worldwide integration and service and look back on more than 2 decades in the laser processing industry.

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