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Laser Perforation Systems from MLT

The MLT laser perforation systems create contactless holes or blind holes in various materials, for example in foil materials. The hole position, hole diameter and hole-to-hole distances are precisely maintained.

To ensure this precision and high quality of the hole finish, we have developed optical beam guides that are used with special laser sources.

For most applications, hole diameters in the range of 40µm to 800µm are produced. Perforation speeds of up to 750m/min and hole counts of more than 1,000,000 holes per second can be achieved on the web material.

Overview of all MLT perforation systems

Laser perforation system with slitter


Laser perforation system for processing packaging materials.

laser system for flexible packaging


Our MLT laser system for a wide range of applications in film converting and the packaging industry. Basically an MLPerf and MLScribe combination system.

Fresh  Laser perforation system for fresh products


Laser perforation system for fresh products by adjusting the permeability of the packaging.

System for tipping paper perforation


A whole product series for tipping paper perforation; laser perforation combined with unwinding, rewinding and cutting unit.

laser modules for online perforation


Laser modules for online perforation of cigarettes in the maker.

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