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Laser Machine refurbishment

Refurbishment of laser systems

All our MLT systems are kept as flexible and open as possible for future applications, right from the design stages. This is an important major contribution to future-proofing our customer' investments in modern laser technology and machines.

Laser system refurbishment and upgrading

Laser system refurbishment

Digitalisation is advancing rapidly. What is new today may already be obsolete tomorrow. Very few companies can afford to constantly buy new machines to keep up with the latest developments. But most of the time this is not even necessary. We take over the refurbishment and upgrading of existing laser systems for you - also for third-party products. This enables you to use the latest technologies at an affordable price.

Laser source refurbishment or exchange

Do you have older laser modules or laser systems with CO2 lasers and need a laser refurbishment or, if necessary, an exchange for a modern laser source? We would be happy to check the technical feasibility for you and offer you, for example:

  • General overhaul of sealed-off CO2 lasers.
  • We take care of the beam guidance between laser source and material, including laser-material interaction. We want to understand your process!
  • We integrate, as far as technically possible and commercially reasonable, new laser sources into your existing machine. Alternatively, we can partially take old existing systems or partial components in part exchange and offer you a new system at attractive conditions.


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