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MLSecurity Laser System

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Laser cutting banknote window Laser cutting banknote window

Scope of application

In general, security features can be incorporated into different materials and in a wide variety of ways. In addition to special substances that are already integrated into the basic materials (e.g. banknote paper), further security features can also be added in the subsequent production steps. The aim is for some features to be visible to the naked eye or simple aids such as UV lamps, while other features are deliberately to remain secret in order to prevent counterfeiting.

Laser technology can be used to create different security features in banknotes, passports, documents and certificates, admission tickets - but also in pharmaceutical packaging.

The possibilities here range from laser cutting for viewing windows, perforating serial numbers, laser structuring of surface features to marking in special inks using UV or fibre lasers.

Depending on the requirements for the security feature, these features can vary greatly in size and type; the counterfeit protection results, among other things, from the high precision of the laser technology in combination with further processing steps in production.

The technology

  • Typical applications are:
    • Laser perforation of banknotes, for example the denomination.
    • Laser cutting of viewing windows and geometric shapes in banknotes and documents.
    • Perforation of passports and identity documents (passport perforation).
    • Laser marking / laser marking in combination with special inks
    • Special machines - to suit your requirements
  • The integration typically takes place in
    • Systems for the production of banknote paper and security foils
    • Systems for perforating passports
    • Coding lines
    • Sheet conveyors and slitter rewinders
  • Type of laser source: CO2 laser, UV laser, fibre laser, disk laser
  • Number of laser sources per system: 1 to 8
  • Laser source power: 4 watts to 1000 watts per source, depending on laser type
  • Format widths: 200mm to 1800mm (other web widths are usually possible).
  • Various technical options and expansion stages are possible.

Your advantages

  • We offer complete integration solutions, as well as retrofits for your existing production lines.
  • We offer system solutions for integration into a wide variety of production machines on the market.
  • Flexibility: With modern laser systems and modern control software, flexible changes in everyday production are possible quickly and easily.
  • MLT develops overall concepts and solutions: From application development to turnkey installation, everything comes from a single source. We will be happy to advise you on your individual requirements - we look forward to your enquiry.
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