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Laser systems for the paper industry

laser systems for paper production
Production environment - location for MLT laser systems

The paper industry uses MLT laser systems in a very versatile way. The industry places high demands on laser technology, as the end products are also used in technologically and economically highly competitive markets such as the food industry.

Production environment - application site for MLT laser systems
The strengths of MLT laser systems:

  • Use of efficient laser sources, especially for papers/cardboards
  • Extremely precise beam guidance systems
  • Stable quality in three-shift operation
  • Designed for high production speeds

Application examples:

Packaging industry

Many packages now have viewing windows so that the consumer can see the product.
Many of these packages for fish, sausage or cheese are made of a film composite with unprinted areas as viewing windows, and laser-cut cardboard covered with a film is also used. The latest packaging such as "Paper Windows" combines film and paper. A very individually designed window is laser-cut into the paper and then laminated onto a film. In the context of changes in marketing or pack size, manufacturers can design the windows quickly and flexibly. Here you can find the appropriate MLT laser systems for window packaging.

Cigarette industry

Cigarette mouthpiece paper: 2 rows perforated
MLT laser perforation of cigarette paper.

MLT laser perforation of cigarette paper.
The cigarette mouthpiece paper is microperforated with MLT lasers. The cigarette smoke is mixed with fresh air through the small holes and tar and nicotine levels are adjusted. The holes have a diameter of 50-100µm. Usually 20-40 holes are perforated per cigarette.
Here you can find more information about our laser systems for the tobacco industry.

Security papers

Security paper with laser coding (serial numbers)
Security paper

Counterfeit protection is a dynamic topic: only constant innovation can keep the edge on counterfeiters. MLT laser technology secures banknote paper with perforation and cutting applications, for example. Here you can find more information about MLT laser systems for banknote paper.

Kraft paper

Powdery products such as cement or paint particles are often packed in large bags made of heavy paper (approx. 150gr./sqm). MLT laser systems enable easy and clean opening of the packaging: they score the paper at a predefined depth so that it can be opened along a marked contour. Likewise, air vents in the form of perforation holes can be made in the material by means of the lasers. More information on MLT laser scribing systems.

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