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MLT laser marking especially for web goods and fast processes

MLMark Laser System

Laser marking System for foil Laser marking System for foil
Lasermarking on a bag Lasermarking on a bag

Scope of application

The industry is increasingly looking for efficient solutions for the reliable marking of products. Laser marking systems from MLT offer high-end solutions for marking, serialisation and authenticity certification.

Whether food industry, pharmaceutical industry or automotive and automotive supplier industry (first and second tier) - the MLT laser marking systems are used in many industries and production areas.

We are independent in the choice of laser sources (e.g. CO2, Nd:YAG, DPSS, UV or fibre lasers) and offer a wide portfolio of processing methods. This enables us to provide our customers with laser markings on many different materials and in intermediate material layers.

We deliver our marking laser systems turnkey ready and thus enable you to start production efficiently. The laser systems meet the highest quality requirements for marking flexible web materials and in fast production processes.

The systems can be equipped with different laser sources. This is how barcodes, company logos, security features or variable numbering are created. Our marking lasers produce the finest structures and highly precise markings in all processing sequences such as: "on-the-fly" or interval cycles.

Examples of applications for MLMark laser perforation systems are:

  • Labelling of web goods with numeric digits, 2D and 3D matrix codes, barcodes - to trace products throughout their life cycle.
  • Labelling of special lacquers in the intermediate layer - to counteract product counterfeiting on the market.
  • Labelling of pouches in packaging lines with the best-before date
  • Laser marking of special foils for car registration plates
  • And many other exciting applications...

The technology

Different methods of laser scribing are used for different applications:

  • The following materials are typically laser marked: Film material such as PP, PET, PE, PA, aluminium,- Film laminates, special papers, metallic surfaces (e.g. medical implants), wood and leather, fabric surfaces (e.g. filter materials), sub-components in the automotive and aerospace industries.
  • Typical integration: In existing production lines, complete MLT systems including winder and laser unit ("stand alone").
  • Typical speeds: usually between 100m/min up to 400m/min web speed
  • Type of laser source: CO2 laser, fibre laser, UV laser, disk laser
  • Number of laser sources per system: 1 to 10 - usually between 1 to 5.
  • Power of the laser sources: 5 watts to 300 watts per source
  • Web widths: 50mm to 1700mm (larger web widths are usually possible).
  • Options: Various options and combinations with other applications are possible - for example, laser marking can be combined with our laser perforation.

Your advantages

  • We offer system solutions for retrofitting or as a supplement to our systems.
  • The MLT laser markings are permanently embedded in the material; this increases counterfeit protection and protects against unintentional wiping or removal.
  • No classic inks are required, which could endanger the product properties through diffusion processes.
  • MLT develops overall concepts and solutions: From application development to turnkey installation, everything comes from a single source.
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