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Lasermarking with fiber lasers for foil Lasermarking with fiber lasers for foil

Scope of application

A large number of different surfaces can be permanently marked using lasers. A wide variety of data in different sizes can be easily selected using software and can be generated by the laser beam both as micro-markings and large-area coding. The aim is often a permanent serialisation and traceability of the products within industrial processes.

Our laser marking systems can be integrated very flexibly into the productions, whereby we can offer many possible solutions, especially for the demanding marking of fast-moving materials. As a supplier for a wide variety of laser systems, we can realise laser applications for a wide variety of industries, we look forward to your enquiry!

Some typical areas of application:

  • Laser labelling of food packaging, including batch number, production date and serial numbers.
  • Labelling of packaging with individual names and QR codes.
  • Laser marking of industrial adhesive tapes; for traceability and tracking.
  • Laser marking of individual parts for the automotive industry with variable, coded content.
  • Labelling of hydraulic filters and fuel filters.

Many other technical possibilities exist - for questions please feel free to contact us here.

The technology

Laser marking systems achieve up to 180,000 characters per hour per module. When marking web products (e.g. paper, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging), we usually additionally couple several modules per laser system. Web speeds of more than 250m/min and web widths of up to 2.0m or more can be realised in this way.

  • Typical integration: In existing machines or also as a single laser system including unwinding and rewinding.
  • For machine builders we supply OEM laser marking modules for integration.
  • Typical speeds: the possible processing speeds vary. We will be happy to test your material and application without obligation and then submit a feasibility proposal.
  • Type of laser source: CO2 laser, fibre laser, fibre laser.
  • Number of laser sources per system: usually between 1 and 12 - this always depends on the application and the required production speed.
  • Power of the laser sources: up to 4 watts for UV lasers, 60 watts to 200 watts per source for CO2 lasers, in the area of UV lasers usually between 30W and 150Watts per source.

Your advantages

  • Laser marking can be operated at very high throughput speeds. Thanks to our scaling of the laser units, productivity can be flexibly adjusted.
  • Since laser marking does not require any consumables, it ensures high process reliability and consistent quality.
  • Set-up times can be greatly reduced; by means of software, all marking parameters can be easily set and recalled.
  • We offer system solutions for new systems or as a supplement to your existing systems.
  • Application development, machine concept and production, integration and service - all from a single source.

As a supplier for a wide variety of laser systems, we can realise laser applications for a wide variety of industries, we look forward to your enquiry!

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