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Viewing windows in packaging - cutting with MLT laser systems

MLCut Laser System

Laser cur window for packaging Laser cur window for packaging
window in pouch laser cut window in pouch laser cut
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Scope of application

Food packaging serves to protect against harmful environmental influences and at the same time can be used for visual differentiation and thus branding.

Laser cutting can be used to cut viewing windows into packaging materials, which are then closed again (transparently) in a further processing step; this is usually done in the laminating machine.

Since the laser process can be adjusted very quickly and flexibly, there is almost unlimited freedom in the geometric design of these viewing windows. The production, testing and maintenance of cost-intensive mechanical cutting tools is no longer necessary.

Modern and visually appealing packaging solutions can be designed for the end consumer, allowing a transparent view into the packaging. Packaging solutions with a high paper content are also often easily recyclable and enable the improvement of individual sustainability goals.

Laser cutting of packaging windows with two different processes

he MLT laser systems are basically installed in the moving web process. The packaging films for this packaging solution usually consist of 2 layers: a paper layer and a transparent plastic film (often made of PE).

The laser cuts the viewing windows of the later packaging into the moving paper web. The cut-outs are sucked off at the bottom and then collected.

Depending on the process, either the PE film is now laminated onto the paper web, for which an adhesive must have been applied to the web beforehand.

Alternatively, no adhesive is applied: in the more complex extrusion process, the transparent film is bonded directly to the paper web.

The technology

Different configurations are used for different material types and widths:

  • Packaging materials such as: paper, PET, PE, thin cardboard, film laminates, special papers,
  • Typical integration: into existing laminating lines, into extrusion laminating lines
  • Typical speeds: usually between 60m/min up to 380m/min web speed, depending on material and laser power
  • Type of laser source: CO2 laser
  • Number of laser sources per system: 1 to 8 - usually between 2 to 4.
  • Power of the laser sources: 400 Watt to 1000 Watt per source, typically lasers with higher power are used to ensure the best possible productivity of the entire system.
  • Web widths: 1100mm to 1800mm (other web widths are usually possible).
  • Options: Various options and combinations with other applications are possible - for example, laser perforation can be integrated.

Your advantages

  • We offer complete laser system solutions, adapted to your existing production facilities.
  • The MLT laser cutting systems are designed for tough continuous operation in production environments.
  • High flexibility in the geometric cutting shapes: Using MLT software, the dimensions and shape of the viewing windows for the packaging can be created almost at will.
  • Cost advantages through the use of the laser as a non-contact tool: no more punching tools are required.
  • High output: set-up times are reduced or eliminated
  • MLT develops overall concepts and solutions: From application development to turnkey installation, everything comes from a single source.
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