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Laser special machines for industrial laser perforation


Scope of application

Laser perforation, often also called laser drilling, can be found in many industrial applications. The industrial areas of application for this laser application are diverse. The diameter of the holes can be adjusted very variably by means of software; blind holes, i.e. only depressions in the material, can also be created. Since even the smallest hole sizes in the range of 100µm (0.0001 metre) can be industrially produced in a stable manner, these holes in the product are hardly visible to the human eye and also represent a good barrier for insect pests, for example. Perforation can also be combined with, for example, laser cutting or laser marking applications.

Some typical areas of application:

  • Laser perforation of fabric material for bagged goods. The perforation is used for quick venting.
  • Laser perforation of housing parts in the automotive sector; here, too, there are various applications for pressure equalisation.
  • Tear-off perforation for fabric tapes, such as tub sealing tape.
  • Tear-off perforation for paper bags and paper sacks.
  • Perforation of membrane films for various industrial applications.
  • Microperforation for technical films
  • Laser perforation for applications in the packaging industry
  • Microperforation of predetermined breaking points in materials made of plastics

Many other technical possibilities exist - if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us here.

The technology

State-of-the-art technical solutions are used for different material types and machine concepts. We can supply you with our MLT laser technology as a complete machine or as a partial component - always adapted to your individual production facilities and needs:

  • Typical integration: In existing processing machines or in complete processing lines.
  • For machine builders we supply OEM modules for own integration.
  • Typical speeds: the possible processing speeds vary. We will be happy to test your material and application without obligation and then submit a feasibility proposal.
  • Type of laser source: CO2 laser, fibre laser.
  • Number of laser sources per system: usually between 1 and 12 - this always depends on the application and the required production speed.
  • Power of the laser sources: 60 watts to 2000 watts per source.
  • Web widths: usually between 400mm and 2000mm; other web widths are usually possible. Often our laser modules are also integrated into existing machines.

Your advantages

  • We offer system solutions for new systems or as a supplement to your existing systems.
  • The MLT laser cutting systems are designed for tough continuous operation in your production. High cutting performance and low maintenance times lead to low production costs.
  • Flexibility through fast product changes - usually as a stored software function, manually or automatically switchable.
  • The laser cutting contours are absolutely flexible and can be produced in almost any shape.
  • The smallest cutting gaps in the micrometre range are possible.
  • Options: Various options and combinations with other applications are possible.
  • Application development, machine concept and production, integration and service - all from one source.
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