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Our MLT systems for laser perforation in cigarette makers

MLVent-i Laser System

Online laser system for cigarette makers Online laser system for cigarette makers
Laser perforation frontend for cigarette machines Laser perforation frontend for cigarette machines

Scope of application

The tobacco industry uses MLT laser systems and modules to perforate cigarettes and heat-not-burn (HNB) tobacco products, also called tobacco heating products, THP within the cigarette maker (online).

The laser perforation of the cigarettes or the acetate hollow tube -"stick"- achieves a modified ventilation during the burning phase or during the heating of the tobacco rod. The aim is to precisely control the composition of the tobacco smoke with fresh air or to positively influence the volume flow of the smoke gases. Ultimately, the aim is to achieve a consistently high level of tobacco enjoyment for the consumer, while precisely adhering to legal limits.

MLT has developed various online laser perforation solutions for this process, which are used by many different tobacco producers worldwide. Depending on the cigarette manufacturer and the machine speed, the laser perforation can be easily adapted to the required parameters and performance.

Typically, the MLT laser modules consist of one or two laser sources, each with a front end. Usually 1 or 2 rows are perforated on the cigarette. The number of perforation rows can be switched between 1 or 2 rows. The perforation density is variable and can be adapted to the cigarette circumference. This allows typical ventilation rates of between 6% and 88% to be achieved. By means of our patented polygon technology, circular holes and up to 6 rows per cigarette can be produced in the so-called laser multiplex process.

Especially "tobacco heating products" (HNB, THP, etc.) are very innovative solutions to produce less harmful tobacco products. The laser technology and the products are in constant development.


The main areas of application for the MLVent-inline laser perforation systems are:

  • Laser perforation of cigarettes in cigarette manufacturing machines (Maker)
  • Laser perforation of cigarettes in laboratory machines (Lab Maker)
  • Laser perforation of "tobacco heating products": HNB, THP, and similar

The technology

  • Typical materials:
    Cigarettes from ultra-slim to standard, Kretek, HNB, THP
  • Typical integration:
    New and existing cigarette manufacturing machines, Laboratory equipment, Filter making machines / Filter attaching machines, Special machines in R&D
  • Speeds:
    MLVent-i280 4000 cpm
    MLVent-i440 10000 cpm
    MLVent-i880 22000 cpm
  • Type of laser source:
    CO2 laser with different powers, Fibre lasers for special applications
  • Typical hole sizes:
    40µm to 80µm
  • Number of laser sources per system:
    1 to 2
  • Ventilation:
    6% to 90%
  • Individual systems:
    We supply our MLVent-i modules perfectly tailored to customer requirements. As a rule, most existing or new cigarette manufacturing machines can be retrofitted with a laser.

We are also happy to work with our customers on the realisation of new product ideas.
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