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ML Inspect

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Scope of application

For permanent monitoring and effective quality control of laser processes, we offer an application-specific solution based on digital image processing systems.

Our MLInspect system is directly connected to the control of the laser system and is an inline inspection system for fast-moving materials such as packaging film. Missing holes, deviating hole diameters but also changes in symmetry are reliably detected. In addition, other relevant quality features can be monitored by the system on request. Our system works on transparent films, printed films as well as on paper materials. The data determined by the MLInspect system are stored centrally in a database and are available for later analyses.

The technology

  • Inline inspection system for quality control
  • Based on industrial high-speed cameras for high-speed image capture.
  • Extra high performance lighting to capture images with sufficient illumination in the shortest possible time.
  • Scalable system - between 1 and 12 cameras can be installed for data acquisition.
  • Separate industrial PC as evaluation unit for the data.
  • Optimised for fast moving materials such as foils, packaging materials, paper webs and packaging processes.
  • and many other technical features

Your advantages

  • Optimisation of work processes
  • Reduction of the effort for visual and manual inspection tasks
  • Avoidance of production downtimes due to operating errors
  • Simplification of adjustment work on the system
  • Increase in productivity and product quality
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
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