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MLiFlat5D Laser special systems

Laser processing of sheet material - here with 2 cutting units Laser processing of sheet material - here with 2 cutting units

Scope of application

Laser flatbed machines are well established in the market. Here we have parts of the classic "X-Y" cutting technology which works with laser cutting heads combined with fast 3D laser scanners. The result is a kind of "5D" laser cutting system with outstanding speed and flexibility - our MLiFlat-5D system. Each of these systems is precisely adapted to your customer requirements and can be equipped with CO2 or also fiber lasers.


Some typical areas of application:

  • Laser cutting of sheet materials such as plastics, strong cardboard, special laminates and many other materials
  • Extremely fast cutting of individual elements, including automatic removal of the separated products
  • Integration into machines and system components for laser cutting of floor coverings, for example vinyl.
  • Cutting of textiles and leather.
  • „On the fly“ processing of large-format materials

Many other technical possibilities exist - if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us here.

The technology

  • Complete system designed for self-sufficient production (stand-alone).
  • Typical speeds: these depend on the cutting shapes and material types.
  • Type of laser source, depending on the material: CO2 laser, but also fibre laser.
  • Number of laser sources per system: usually between 1 and 2 pieces.
  • Power of the laser sources: 500 watts to 1000 watts per source.
  • Web widths: usually between 400mm to 2000mm; other web widths are usually possible. Our laser modules are often additionally integrated into existing machines.

Your advantages

  • High production volumes of standard components in continuous operation.
  • The MLT laser cutting systems are designed for tough continuous operation in your production. High cutting performance and low maintenance times lead to low production costs.
  • Flexibility through fast product changeover - usually as a stored software function, manually or automatically switchable.
  • No tool wear, resulting in low running costs.
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