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MLGrind Laser System

Laser System for grinding discs Laser System for grinding discs
Grinding paper laser punched Grinding paper laser punched
Fiber base grinding disc laser cut Fiber base grinding disc laser cut
Grinding disc holes laser cut Grinding disc holes laser cut

Scope of application

In the abrasives industry, MLT laser systems are used for cutting flexible grinding wheels, abrasive belts and similar abrasive materials.

Abrasives are made from a wide variety of grain materials such as corundum, silicon carbide, artificial diamond and other abrasive materials. These are applied to different backing materials, such as paper, fabric, fibre and film backing. Likewise, the areas of application of the finished abrasives are diverse and in constant development. Accordingly, the demands on the laser process for cutting the abrasive materials are also very different.

We offer three different variants here: MLGrind-Basic, MLGrind-Medium and MLGrind-Max. Each variant is adapted to the customer's specific requirements. Typical users of our systems are companies in abrasive converting, dealers who assemble abrasives themselves and manufacturers of abrasives.

Our systems usually consist of 3 main assemblies: the unwinding unit for the roll material with web guiding, the actual laser unit with extraction of the fumes, as well as the rewinding of the remaining web with removal of the abrasive discs.

The technology

Different technical configurations are used for different abrasives and web widths:

  • Typical starting materials are abrasives on backing - i.e. roll stock in widths between 200mm to 1800mm.
  • Backings which are typically cut by laser: Foil, mesh, scrim, paper, non-woven, fibre, vulcanised fibre.
  • Typical end products: Abrasive discs in various shapes and sizes, sheet discs with additional holes "multihole", abrasive belts
  • Grit size of abrasives: Grit size can vary, typically between Pnn and Pnnn
  • Type of laser source: CO2 laser
  • Number of laser sources per system: 1 to 3
  • Power of laser sources: 500 Watt to 2000 Watt per source.
  • Web widths: 200mm to 1800mm (other web widths are usually possible).
  • Various technical options and expansion stages are possible.

Your advantages

  • We offer complete system solutions, as well as retrofits for your existing production facilities.
  • The MLT laser cutting systems are designed for tough continuous operation in production environments with abrasive dusts.
  • High flexibility in geometric cutting shapes: By means of MLT software, the dimensions and shape of the grinding wheels can be adjusted almost at will.
  • Cost advantages due to the use of the laser as a non-contact tool: punching tools are no longer required.
  • High output: set-up times are reduced or eliminated
  • MLT develops overall concepts and solutions: From application development to turnkey installation, everything comes from a single source.
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