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MLT laser scribing system for the processing of packaging materials

MLScribe Laser System

Laser Scribing System packaging production area Laser Scribing System packaging production area
Tear open aid with notch Tear open aid with notch
Freeform laser scribing on a bag Freeform laser scribing on a bag
Stick packaging for coffee with laser scribing Stick packaging for coffee with laser scribing

Scope of application

Whether stickpack packaging solutions for coffee or bags and pouches for foodstuffs - laser scribing is mainly used to scribe foil materials at a precisely specified point. The aim is to produce packaging that is easy to open. The laser weakens the packaging materials through a defined laser line with great precision and repeatability. End consumers can then later open the finished packaging easily and comfortably along these tear lines. In addition to the usual design possibilities of packaging such as shaping and colour design, laser technology can offer further advantages for product marketing here.

With these laser scoring solutions, the material is scored either in the direction of wrapping, across the direction of wrapping or in freely definable shapes, depending on the requirements.

But not all films are the same. Different food packaging has different barrier properties, which are derived from the respective food and its intended use. The material weakening is depth-controlled by the MLT software and can be set with the utmost precision. By using particularly high-quality components, our MLT laser systems are not only especially durable, but also extremely repeatable in daily production. This means that the protective functions of the packaging are not impaired or deliberately altered during the laser scribing process.

Different methods of laser scribing are used for different applications:

  • Laser scribing in the running direction of the web material ("WD" - for Web Direction),
  • Laser scribing transverse to the running direction ("CW" or "CD" - for Cross Web or Cross Direction)
  • Laser scribing in freely definable geometries ("Free Form")
  • Using Dual-Spot or Trippel-Spot optics, several scribing lines can be generated simultaneously in machine direction.

Examples of applications for our MLScribe lasersystem are:

  • Laser scoring of mono and laminated films:
    Stick packaging for instant coffee; pouch packaging such as sachet soups; opening aids for hygiene articles; packaging for pet food.
  • Laser scribing of cardboard packaging:
    Laser scoring can be used to produce a very precise folding edge. High-quality folding boxes and similar packaging benefit from this technology.
  • Processing of recyclable mono materials such as PE, PE/PE laminates, PET and others.
  • Special applications in the pharmaceutical and automotive industries for the creation of precise folding geometries or tear-off aids.

The technology

  • Typical materials: Mono, and composite films (OPP, PE, PE-LD, PET, CPP, EVA, PLA), cardboard, nonwoven materials, fabrics
  • Typical integration: In slitter rewinders, winders
  • Speeds in WD: Typical industrial speeds are between 200m/min up to 500m/min. In special applications over 700m/min are realised.
  • Speeds in CD: Typical industrial speeds here are between 80m/min up to 450m/min and more.
  • Type of laser source: CO2 lasers of various power levels.
  • Number of laser sources per system: 1 to 12 - usually between 2 and 6.
  • Power of the laser sources: 30 Watt to 600 Watt per source - usually between 30 and 200 Watt per laser.
  • Variable DualSpot optics for scribing double lines - with patented MLT technology. TrippleSpot optics for scribing triple lines
  • Web widths: 250mm to 2000mm (larger web widths are usually possible).

Your advantages

  • High-quality laser scribing for "easy opening" is the main area of application - but flexible scribing of cardboard or other materials can also be realised.
  • Our MLT systems can be individually adapted to your existing machines.
  • Very precise and stable scoring results - even under changing environmental conditions in daily production.
  • We offer system solutions for all typical widths of film material on the market.
  • MLT develops overall concepts and solutions: From application development to turnkey installation, everything comes from a single source.
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